Grandma’s Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday friends! We’re getting ready to do a springtime ritual here in the north: have a garage sale. I spent Thursday at my parents’ house helping them clean out their basement and I came across this little beauty:

Lord have mercy, that’s just terrifying. I’m embarrassed to admit that I made this horrid beast back in elementary school. I begged mom to throw it away but she wants to have it at the garage sale to apparently scare everyone else as well. That’s one way to make friends with my new neighbors I suppose. Here’s what we found when perusing the interwebs this week:

  • We’ve had some pretty warm days here in the Wisconsin countryside and my lawn is full of dandelions. Most people would view this as a bad thing however I’m rooting for a lawn full of those pretty little weeds. I came across an old recipe of Grandma’s for Dandelion wine and I’m so excited to give it a try. It also got me curious as to what other wine recipes are out there and boy-oh-boy, check out this Pineapple Wine.


  • I have a friend who is a vintner in Texas and he occasionally makes a small batch of jalapeno wine. It’s so unique and great to cook with so I was pretty excited when I found this Oregano Wine. Think of all the fun sauces we could make with it!


  • And Rhubarb Wine. My gosh this summer is going to be amazing. I bet I could even get Grandma to take a sip for me 😉


  • I’m going to be making homemade bread this weekend for basically the first time ever. I definitely am feeling feelings about the situation but I’m also eyeing up my next bread challenge.  Tomato Focaccia perhaps?



  • I am going to make this salad for myself next week. Those chickpeas look amazing.


  • Grandma is a sucker for all things nacho and I think these nachos are right up her alley.


Have a safe and happy weekend!

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