Grandma’s Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday friends!  It’s getting warmer here in Wisconsin, the days are getting longer and the sun is shining brighter. Grandma & I have long agreed that spring is simply the most wonderful time of the year. It puts a twinkle in our eye and an extra spring in our step and we hope it’s doing the same for you. Here’s a few of our favorite things we stumbled across this week:

  • Grandma is a sucker for shortbread. By far it’s her favorite cookie and her favorite flavors are citrus flavors such as orange and lemon.  So as soon as I saw these Orange Shortbread Cookies I knew I had to bookmark them to make for Gram.  I’ll let you know how she likes them though as a Grandma she’s predisposed to liking anything her granddaughter makes for her.


  • Grandma doesn’t drink. In fact, many years ago my aunt bought Grandma some super cute glasses that Grandma promptly hid in the basement because they looked like pilsner glasses. What if one of her Baptist friends stopped by, saw those glasses and thought she drank alcohol? Oh the horror.  I, on the other hand, took one look at these White Russians and thought “Sign me up!” Ha.


  • Easter is just a few weeks away and several years ago Grandma mentioned to me that there was this Eastern European bread that she used to enjoy during the Easter season. She hadn’t eaten it in years but she missed it. So like any good granddaughter I did some digging and discovered she was referring to Povitica, a traditional Croatian or Slovenian dessert bread. I finally settled on this recipe (I use the halved recipe at the bottom of the page) which I made it for her and she was absolutely thrilled. It’s exactly as she remembered. It’s definitely a little time-consuming to make but it’s absolutely worth it, I promise.


  • I often search online for the blue & white porcelain that Grandma loves so much. I bookmark anything that looks interesting to show her the next time we’re together. We often giggle at the prices ($3,000+) but every now and then we find one that we both really like, such as this vase.  $300 isn’t cheap but better than $3,000, no?


  • This weekend we’re heading up to Michigan to attend Grandma’s best friend’s 90th birthday party. Her name is Lou and she’s just about the cutest little lady you’d ever want to meet. That my grandmother still has a best friend and she’s going to her birthday party is just about the most charming thing ever.  We’re going to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where people are referred to as Yoopers and they even have their own dialect. It’s a world unto itself and it makes my soul smile.

Have a safe and happy weekend friends!

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