Grandma’s Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday friends! I always giggle when Grandma says something about being glad that it’s Friday or the weekend. I mean, the woman is 92 years old and long-retired.  When one is retired, isn’t every day a Friday?  Or Saturday for that matter?  What exactly is stressful about the week?  I’m serious.

I took Gram to the hair salon this week so she could get a ‘permanent.’  My stars that’s a whole story unto itself, that hair salon was like being on the set of Steel Magnolias.  If you ever want some entertainment go to a hair salon where older women hang out.  Entertaining *and* educational but I digress.  While driving, Grandma and I got onto the subject of our favorite things: her favorite child (my mom), favorite grandchild (me), favorite great-grandchild (not me) and the like.  Ha.  Truly though, after 92 years the woman’s interests are vast and a little fascinating.  Take a look:

Grandma was a librarian in the local school district for years.  To say she’s read a few books in her day is obviously an understatement.  Interestingly enough, The Secret Garden is her favorite book.

If she has her choice these days, she prefers to study the history of the Old Testament.  And I mean she really likes to take a deep dive into these things.  Such a good little Baptist.

Grandma loves all things blue & white porcelain.  Like this gorgeous vase. {swoon}

I asked Grandma what her favorite recipe is and she shocked me by saying her Baked Bean recipe and then began to pontificate the melding of the ingredients until I was ready to dive into a vat of it myself.  So that recipe is coming next week friends, I can promise you that.

Uncle Mike’s Raspberry Kringle is one of the best things this side of the Mississippi.  Award-winning and local? Sold. Every flavor is delicious but Grandma is partial to the raspberry.  I’m partial to every flavor, I’m all about equality folks. Ha.

For your amusement, here is one of my all-time favorite pictures of grandma.  Does the hat make the woman, or the woman make the hat?

Have a safe and happy weekend friends!

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